N. N. (AT. AT. Engelhardt)

I escaped from the Aesculapius
thin, shaved - but alive:
His painful paw
Not inclined me.
Health, easy one Priapus,
And dream, and the sweet peace,
Like before, We visited again
My corner of close and simple.
Comforted and you are half-sick!
He wants to meet with you,
With you, Happy lawless,
Lazy Pinda citizen,
of freedom, Bacchus faithful son,
Venus devout admirer
And the lord of the pleasures!
From the bustle of idle capital,
Frigid by the charms of the Neva,
From harmful gossip rumors,
Boredom, so diverse,
My name hills, meadows,
Shady maples garden,
Desolate river shore
And the village Freedom.
Give me a hand. I will come
At the beginning of September gloomy:
With you, we will drink again,
Open heart saying
fool about, nobles evil,
About the slave inveterate,
About the heavenly king,
And sometimes about the earth.

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Alexander Pushkin
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