My portrait

You’ ask my portrait,
But painted from nature;
My dear, it will be done soon,
Although miniature.
I am a young scamp,
Even in classes;

Point sot, I say no way

And without bland faces.
Onc it was no bulletin board,
Neither doctor of the Sorbonne -
More annoying and squalling.
Myself in person.

My àcelles size longer

Can not be matched;
I have a fresh complexion, the blond chevenz
And curly head.
And I love the world and its roar,
I hate loneliness;
I abhor and mess, and debates,
And somewhat study.
Spectacles, I like hard balls
And after my thought,
I would say what I like encor ...
If was not at school.
it, my dear friend,
One can reconnaоtre me:

Yes! as the good Lord gave me,

I always want paraоtre.

Real demon for playfulness,
True monkey by its mine,
Many and too careless.

Ma was, here Pushkin.

My portrait

You ask me for my portrait,
But written from nature;
My dear, He will be ready soon,
Albeit in miniature.

I am a young playboy,
More on the school bench:
No stupid, I say, do not hesitate,
And without cutesy affectation.

Never was chatterbox,
Neither the doctors of the Sorbonne -
Annoying and loud-mouthed,
The site is my lady.

My growth with the growth of the most lanky
It can not be;
I have a fresh complexion, Brown hair
And curly head.

I love the light and the noise,
Solitude I hate;
I repelled quarrels and bickering,
A kind and teachings.

performances, I really like the balls,
And to be frank.
I would say, I still love ...
If he had not been at the Lyceum.

Throughout this, my dear friend,
I can learn.
Yes, such as God created me,
I want to always appear.

Who is the demon of leprosy,
Sheer monkey face.
A lot, too much frivolity -
Yes, such Pushkin.

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Alexander Pushkin
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