And dale we went - and fear embraced me…


And dale we went - and fear embraced me.
Imp, under him pursing his hoof,
Twisted moneylender in hellfire.

Hot dripping fat smoked trough.
And burst in the fire baked usurer.
And I: "Tell me: in this penalty that hidden?»

Virgil I: “My son, this penalty is great meaning:
One acquisition of having had always subject,
Fat sucked their debtors still angry old man

And they ruthlessly twisted on your light.”
There sinner fried lingeringly cried:
“ABOUT, Now if I was drowning in the cold Lethe!

ABOUT, if the winter rain chilled my skin!
One hundred and one hundred I suffer: percentage incredible!” —
Then he burst loudly - I lowered his eyes.

Then I heard (about diva!) smell bad,
As if broken rotten egg,
Ile quarantine guard smoked sulfuric brazier.

I, currently holding the nose, face turned away.
But the wise leader dragged me all dala, given -
AND, stone raised for the brass ring,
We have gone down - and I saw myself in the basement.


Then I saw a black swarm of demons,
Such a distance formic gang -

And the demons curse teshilis game:

Before arch hell Casa apex
glass mountain, both acute Ararat -
And razlehalasya over dark ravnynoy.

And the demons, Haskalah as fever core iron,
Let down his stinking claws
The kernel leaped - and smooth mountain,

ringing, rastreskalas prickly Star.
Then the other devils impatient swarm
The victim rushed to the terrible words.

Grabbed by the arms a wife with her sister,
And they Headers, and shoved down screaming
And both sidyuchi let-down arrow ...

Desperation, I listened to the cry of them wild;
Glass to cut them, they dig into the body -
And the demons jumped in great gladness.
I watched from a distance - confusion tormented.

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Alexander Pushkin
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