I saw you l, Dear friend?
Or something wrong was a dream,
vague dreams, and the flame of affliction
Deception worried my imagination?
In the darkest moments fatal disease
you l, Maid tender, He stood over me
The clothes soldier awkwardly pleasant?
So, I saw you; my eyes dim learned
Familiar beauty under this inverse clothing:
And a weak whisper girlfriend I called ...
But again, in my mind, I am hesitating gloomy dreams,
I have a weak hand was looking for you in the darkness ...
And suddenly I feel your breath, tears
And wet kiss on the brow of a fiery ...
immortals! how excited
desires, fire of life to the heart run!
I boiled, zatrepetal ...
And you disappeared lovely Ghosts!
cruel one! I tomish you Intoxicated:
come, I love the Dead!
In the silence of the night supportive
Yavys, enchantress! let them see again
Under the formidable shako Your Eyes in the Sky,
and raincoats, and belt fighting,
And warlike shoes adorned with legs.
not medley, Haste, my lovely warrior,
come, I'm waiting for you. Gift good health
I again sent down to the gods,
And with it the sweet alarm
Love the mysterious and prank Mlada.

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Alexander Pushkin
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