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sleeps, my beautiful baby,
Quiet month looks bright
In your cradle.
I will say unto me tales,
sing a song;
Well you doze, closed eyes,

Terek flowing over rocks,
Splashing muddy shaft;
Evil Chechen creeping ashore,
Sharpens his knife;
But your father is old warrior,
Hardened in battle:
sleeps, baby, stay calm,

You know yourself, time will,
Bran habitation;
Feel free vdenesh foot in the stirrup
And take a gun.
I sedeltse combat
Silk razoshyu ...
sleeps, child of my native,

Hero you will be with mind
And Cossack soul.
Accompany you, I will go out -
You mahnesh hand ...
How many bitter tears furtively
I shed that night!..
sleeps, my angel, quiet, sweet,

I'll sadly languish,
inconsolably wait;
I will pray the whole day,
At night, wondering;
I will think, you miss
You're in a strange land ...
Sleep is, while worries do not know.

I will give you on the road
scapular saint:
You are his, God molyasya,
Set ourselves;
Yes preparing to battle dangerous,
Remember your mother ...
sleeps, my beautiful baby,

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