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The king and queen bade,
In the path-way of the projectile,
And the queen of the window
One sat down to wait for him.
Waiting-pozhdet from morning till night,
He is looking into the Field, inda oci
Razbolelisy glyadyuchi
C overnight to a white Zori;
Do not see dear friend!
sees only: storm winds,
Snow falls on the field,
All land beleshenka.
Nine months passed,
On the field it does not reduce the eye.
That Christmas Eve, at the most, at night
God gives Empress daughter.
Early in the morning, a welcome guest,
Day and night for so long the wait,
finally Izdalecha
He returned the king-father.
She looked at him,
Tyazheleshenko breath,
Admiration is not demolished,
And to mass die.

For a long time the king was inconsolable,
But what? and he was a sinner;
A year has passed like a dream empty,
The king married another.
utter truth, girl
Oh, really it was the queen:
high, slim, White,
And mind and took all;
No so proud, lomliva,
Willful and jealous.
It was given as a dowry
It was one mirror;
The property had a mirror:
Saying it skillfully.
With him it was one
kindhearted, merry,
With him joked affably
AND, showing off, I told:
"Light my, mirror! tell
Yes, the whole truth report back:
I only weapon in the light of all the sweeter,
All ruddy and whiter?»
And in response to her mirror:
"You, of course, no doubt;
You, queen, all the sweeter,
All ruddy and whiter ".
And the queen laugh,
And shrugging his shoulders,
And winking eyes,
And snap fingers,
And twirl podbochas,
Proudly looking in the mirror.

But the young princess,
Tihomolkom blossoming,
Meanwhile grew, grew,
He rose - and flourished,
Belolica, Chernobrov,
Artist of the meek.
And the bride find her,
The king's son Elisha.
Swat came, the king had given his word,
A dowry is ready:
Seven commercial cities
Yes, one hundred and forty of towers.

Bachelorette party going on,
Here the queen, dressing
Before her mirror,
Peremolvylasya with him:
"I eh, tell me, all the sweeter,
All ruddy and whiter?»
What the mirror in response?
"You're beautiful, no doubt;
But the princess of all the sweeter,
All ruddy and whiter ".
As queen otprygnet,
But how lifts his pen,
Yes on the mirror as a slap,
As we ring-prytopnet!..
"Oh you, ugly glass!
It you're lying to me for evil.
As it compete with me?
I'm crap at it something will refresh.
You see what grew!
And not wild, Bela:
paunchy mother sat
Yes, the snow and looked only!
but tell: how can it
Being around my mile?
Pryznavaysya: All I'm beautiful.
Go around all the kingdom of our,
Though the whole world; I even do not have.
Is not it?"Mirror in response:
"A princess all are dearer,
All are ruddy and whiter ".
Nothing to do. She is,
Black full of envy,
Throwing a mirror under the bench,
Summoned Chernavka
And punish her,
Hay girl of his,
News princess in the forest wilderness
AND, linking it, live
Under the pine leave there
The wolves.

Do Slade damn angry with the woman?
nothing to argue. With princess
Here Chernavka went into the woods
And this far brought,
That the princess guessed,
And scared to death,
and prayed: "My life!
what, tell, guilty in January?
Do not destroy me, damsel!
And how will I queen,
I pity you ".
And, in the soul of her loving,
killed, not contact,
Let go and said,:
"Do not grieve, God be with you".
But she came home.
"What? - I told her the queen, —
Where beautiful girl?»
- There, in the forest, It stands alone, —
She answers her. —
Tightly bound to her elbows;
Will fall into the clutches of the beast,
Less will it tolerate,
It will be easier to die.

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