Poslanie Lide

You, Venus confidante,
You, which Cupid
And children play Citer
Throne decorated with flowers,
Whose delicate examples,
Smile, eyes, gentle tone
eloquently, than Voltaire,
We propovedayut law
And Aristipov, and glyceryl, —
You affable bow,
Love wreath and lyre ringing.
Defying Platonic chimera,
I saved your holiness,
And there was a wise apostle of faith
Anacreon and Ninon:
Just ... but only a known measure. —
I see: Zenon hmurytsya,
And all of his gray suite:
And a wise friend of wine Cato,
And boring slave Epafrodita,
Seneca, even Cicero
shout: “You are lying, layman! torment -
Direct mortal enjoyment!”
Friends, I agree: cry and moan
Stokrat, of course, is better than laughter;
Endure great joy;
Tip your not funny:
But I like it, l hear, not needed,
Beyond that, that too he wisely;
Dearer to me than a good dinner
Philosophers entire three dozen:
I you, right, not seduced. —
Cathedral sullen angry.
But let him cry on the foe,
Their dispute - only time loss
Who is seduced by their example?
I love a good Socrates!
He lived in the world, He was smart;
With his importance sham
loved feasts, theaters, wives;
is he, between Procchio, I was in love
And Aspasia in restroom
(A witness Plato),
Slave timid and submissive,
I sighed chastehonko the coat,
And with a smile court
whispered: “A ghost, lie and sleep:
And wisdom, and the people, and Glory;
Well true? Entertainment passable,
Trust: one love is not a dream!”
So incense burned it beautiful,
And it ... poor Ksantipa!
Your husband, sovmestnik Aristipa,
I have been lifted up to the sky.
Meanwhile,, on pretty menacingly barking.
evil cynic, care despised,
One of the joys of deprived,
Breathing from the world excommunicated.
But with a barrel wandering a desolate
Vosled Wisdom for a blind,
Blank crank was blinded;
And water scooping hand,
could not scoop up the happiness he.

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Alexander Pushkin
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