To Sister

Do you want, one precious,
that I, poet Mlada,
I talked with you
And liroyu oblivion,
dreams okrilenny,
He left the monastery
And the edge of a secluded,
Where continual peace
In the darkness fell
And in the desert deaf
silently reigned
With a sullen silence.


And Swiftarrow
On Nevsky Breg primchitsya
With girlfriend hugging
My golden spring,
AND, singer Lyudmila,
Dreams slave cute,
Vzoshed under his father's roof,
Nesu thee the gold
(Monk I poor),
As a gift a bunch of poems.

Secretly vzoshed in sofa,
Though the pen,
ABOUT, how you find you,
Lyubeznaya sister?
The hearts for
Jean-Jacques Do you read,
Genlis eh before you?
Or with high-spirited Hamilton
Laugh with all my heart?
Ile with Gray and Thomson
You party carried the dream
In fields, where by the oaks
The breeze blows dollars,
And whispering woods curly,
And rushes stately
From the top of the flow of hot?
Ile elderly pug,
The pillows grayer,
Enveloped in a long shawl
And fondly cherishing,
You are calling her Morpheus?
Or look in the dark distance
thoughtful Svetlana
Over noisy Nebo?
Ile sonorous piano
Under Begley hand
Mozart quickened?
Ile tones repeat?
Piccini and Ramo?

But here too I am with you,
And in silent joy
Your friend has blossomed soul,
How clear vernal day.
Forgotten are the days of separation,
Days of sorrow and boredom,
Gone sadness shadow.

But this is only mechtane!
Alas, in the monastery,
When the candle pale radiance,
One writing to his sister.
All is quiet in a dark cell:
The latch on the door,
silence, Enemy gay,
And boredom clock!
chair oldness, neobitыy,
And rickety bed,
Vessel, water poured,
Solomenna pipe -
That's all, that before him
I see, aroused.
Fantasy, you
I was awarded a,
thee prenesenny
By magic Ippokrene,
And I blessed the cell.

What would have happened to me,
Goddess, without you?
Familiar with vanity,
Pleasing to me,
Passionate in what fate,
I suddenly a blank wall,
As on the banks of the Lethe,
He was a prisoner,
Forever buried,
I skrypnuli door,
Somknuvshysya me,
And the beauty of the world
Dressed black mist!..
Since then, I look at the light,
As a prisoner out of prison
On the bright morning star shine.
Luminary eh day rise,
Ray threw pozlaschennыy
Through a narrow window,
But sorrow of heart
Not happy it.
Or sometimes late,
Like a ray of heaven,
covered with blackness,
It's getting dark in the clouds, —
With sadness meet
I am a gloomy shadow
And with a sigh see off
hiding day!..
Through tears, I look in the lattice,
his beads.

But the time will flow,
And with a stone gate
fall, fall shutters,
And in a lush Petrograd
through valleys, the mountains
zealous primchatsya;
Slowly housewarming,
I will make the dark Kehl,
fields, their gardens;
Under the table a hood with a chain -
And I lie down defrocked
In the arms of your.

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