At the beginning of my life, I remember high school…

At the beginning of my life, I remember high school;
there we, careless children, there were many;
Uneven and frisky family.

humble, poorly dressed,
But views of the stately wife
Above school supervision strictly hranyla.

Surrounded by a crowd nasheyu,
pleasant, sweetly, happened,
With babies she talks.

Her chela I remember bedspread
And the eyes are bright, as heaven.
But I delved into it a little conversation.

I am confused strict beauty
her brow, quiet mouth and eyes of,
And full of the words of the shrine.

Dichas her advice and reproaches,
I myself wrongly interpreted
Clear sense of truthful conversations,

And often I stealthily ran
In the magnificent darkness of someone else's garden,
Under a set of artificial porphyry rocks.

There nezhila me shadows cool;
I stargaze his young mind,
And my delight was prazdnomyslit.

I loved the bright water and leaves the noise,
And white in the shade of the trees idols,
And in their countenances printing motionless doom.

All - marble compasses and lyres,
Swords and scrolls in the hands of marble,
Chapters on laurels, on shoulders porphyries -

Everything has imposed a sweet kind of fear
My heart; and tears of inspiration.
At the sight of their, born on the eyes.

Two other wonderful creations
Drew me a magic beauty:
Those were two images of devils.

One (Delphi idol) visage youth
wrath, full of terrible pride,
And all he breathed ethereal force.

another zhenoobrazny, voluptuous,
Questionable and lying ideal -
Magic demon - a liar, but beautiful,

Before them myself, I forgot;
In breast Mlada heart beat - cold
He ran over me and lifted his curls.

Unknown pleasures dark hunger
I savaged - despondency and laziness
I tie - was in vain, I am young.

Amid the young men I silently all day
Wandered morose - all idols Garden
Per me his cast a shadow.

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Alexander Pushkin
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