Sped years of captivity
Not for long, peace friends,
We see the shelter of solitude
And Tsarskoe field.
Separation is waiting for us at the threshold,
Calls us to a distant light noise,
And everyone looks at the road
With the excitement of the proud, young doom.
other, hiding under Shako mind,
Already in the militant outfit
Hussar saber waved -
In the cool of the morning Epiphany
Beautifully merznet on parade,
A warm up is going to guard;
Other, Born to be a nobleman,
do not honor, a loving homage,
The Dodgers in the noble hall
Humble crook sees himself;
only I, the fate of all obedient,
Happy sloth faithful son,
carefree soul, indifferent,
I quietly dozed off one ...
Are my clerks, young,
are laws, shako,
I am not torn breast captain
And do not creep in assessor:
Friends! a little indulgence -
Leave me a red cap,
While his transgression
Do not change it in Sisak,
While lazy possible,
Without fear of the terrible troubles,
Another careless hand
In July, open the vest.

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Alexander Pushkin
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