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There was once a pop,
Tolokonov forehead.
Pop went the bazaar
View Coy of product.
Meet him Balda
is, not knowing where.
"What, father, so early in the rose?
What do you seek after the?»
Pop it in the answer: "I need employee:
Cook, groom and carpenter.
And where to find me this
A minister is not too expensive?»
Balda says: "I will serve you nicely,
Hard and very regularly,
In year three you lye on the forehead,
There shall I let cooked spelled ".
thoughtful pop,
He became himself scratching his forehead.
Click through the crack because roz.
Yes, he had hoped to Russian maybe.
Pop says Balda: "Okay.
It will not be us both costly.
Tarry a look at my farmstead,
Shew their zeal and agile ".
Lives Balda Popovo house,
Sleeping on straw Statement,
Eat for four,
It is working for seven;
To light all his dances,
horse zapryazhet, strip vspashet,
oven flood, all prepare, buy,
Egg cakes so he and peeling.
His wife Balde not praise enough,
Priest's daughter of Balde only sadness,
Popenok calls him tyatey;
porridge brew, coddling a child of.
Just pop one Balda does not like,
Will never prigolubit,
About retribution often thinks;
Time runs, and life too blizenko.
Pop neither eating, nor drinking, night not sleeping:
His forehead crackles advance.
Here he admits priest's wife:
"Anyway: What remains?»
Mind at the woman dogadliv,
To all sorts of tricks povadliv.
His wife says: "I know means,
How to remove us from such a calamity:
Book Balde service, so was he could not stand;
but requires, so he played it a hair's breadth.
Meanwhile, you and the forehead of the massacre will deliver
And Balda something without reckoning Send ".
It was at the heart of pop fun,
He began to look at Balda bolder.
Here he shouts: "Come here,
True to my worker Balda.
Listen: required to pay devils
I dues on the day I die;
It would be better not to ought to income,
Yes there is a shortage of them in the three years.
As naeshsya you spelled his,
Collect-ka with devils rents me a full ".
Lummox, with popom ponaprasnu not argue,
went, I sat by the sea shore;
There he became a rope twist
Yes, the end of it in the sea wet.
That's because the sea got old Bes:
"Why are you, Lummox, We climbed to the?»
- Yes, that's a rope sea want to wrinkle,
Do you, accursed tribe, writhe. —
old demon took here Sadness.
"Tell, why such grace?»
- As for that? You're not flesh dues,
Do not remember the position of the term;
Here you will uzho fun,
You, dogs, great hindrance. —
Balduşka, wait you pucker Sea,
Dues in full you will receive shortly.
Prognosis, I will send to you the grandson ".
Balda thinks: "This thing is not to spend!»
Emerged planted imp,
he meowed, like a hungry kitten:
"Hello, Lummox little man;
What you hath need of dues?
On quitrent century, we have not heard,
There was a hell of sorrow.
Well, so be it - take, that the opposition,
With our general verdict -
To continue to not have anyone grief:
Most of us who obezhit near the sea,
He himself and take full dues,
Meanwhile there cook bag ".
Balda laughed mischievously:
"What are you making this up, right?
Where you compete with me,
With me, with himself Balde?
Ekogo sent foe!
Wait my younger brother ".
Balda went into the woods near,
Caught two Zajkov, and into the bag.
To the sea it comes again,
Seaside is imp.
Balda holds for ears of a rabbit:
"I will dance, you TKA under our balalaika:
Ты, imp, even molodenek,
With me compete slabenek;
It was used only a waste of time.
Overtaking ka-first my brother.
Time, two, three! catch up-ka ".
Let the little devil and bunny:
Imp on the shore of the Sea,
A hare in the woods to the house.
here, Sea ran around,
tongue hanging out, Mordko raising her,
I ran imp, breathless,
Vesy mokreshenek, foot wiping,
thinking: Balde deal with Slade.
Lo and behold - a brother stroking Balda,
saying,: "My brother is my favorite,
tired, poor little soul! have a rest, dear ".
imp dumbfounded,
tail tucked, sovsem prismirel.
On the side Bratza pohlyadыvaet.
"Prognosis, - He speaks, - ShoZu for a meal ".
I went to his grandfather, He speaks: "The trouble!
Overtook me less Balda!»
Old Bes became there to think a thought.
A noise made such kingsquare,
What does all sea fainted
And waves and expenditure.
got imp: "Fully, little man,
We will send you all the rent -
listen only. Do you see this stick?
Choose your favorite Meta.
Who continue to throw stick,
He let and rents carries.
Well? afraid to dislocate the handle?
What are you waiting for?"- Yes, I wait out this cloud;
Zashvyrni to your stick,
And I'll start with you, devils, dump ".
Frightened imp yes to his grandfather,
Talk about Baldovu victory,
A Balda above sea roars again
To hell with a rope threatens.
again climbed imp: "What do you hlopochesh?
Will you meal, when zahochesh…»
- Not, says Balda, —
Now my series,
Terms himself naznachu,
Adam you, vrazhenok, task.
We'll see, what do you force.
see, there sivaya mare?
Mare podymi-TCA you,
Yes Carry it half a mile;
Snesesh mare, so your dues;
Not snesesh mare, en he will be my. —
five Bednenkoy
Under kobыlu underpass,
He lifted the mare, two-step stepped,
The third fell, legs stretched out.
And he Balda: "You silly demon,
Where are you crawled us?
And his hands-he could not carry,
And I, look, I will tear down between the legs ".
Balda mare sat on top,
Yes Versta proskakal, so that the dust column.
Scared little devil and his grandfather
I went to talk about such a victory.
Do nothing - devils collected dues
Yes Balda shouldered bag.
Balda is, pokryakivaet,
A pop, envied Baldu, jumps,
For the priest's wife hides,
With fear koryachitsya.
Balda found it here,
I gave dues, board began to demand.
poor pop
Framed forehead:
Since the first slot
I jumped into the pop-to-ceiling;
The second slot
Lost pop language;
And the third slot
Knocked the mind of the old man.
A Balda muttering reproachfully:
"I would not chase you, priest, by deshevyznoy ".

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