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As spring warmth at times
From under a white morning zoryushki,
What is out of the woods, from the forest of dense
left medvediha
With cute cubs detushkami
take a walk, look, show yourself.
Medvediha village under white birch;
Intermedia steel bears a play,
For muravushke roll,
Fight, kuvyrkatisya.
Chip goes nowhere man,
He carries a spear in his hands,
A knife, then his belt.
A bag of something behind his plechmi.
As caught sight medvediha
Guy with a spear,
roared medvediha,
Became clicking small detushek,
His stupid medvezhatushek.
- Oh, you detushki, medvezhatushki,
Stop playing, wallow,
Fight, kuvyrkatisya.
I do know how to have a man goes.
become, bury me.
Oh, how I do not betray the peasant
And she peasant …. workpits.

Medvezhatushki scare,
For medvedihu throws,
A medvediha oserzhalasya,
The buck rises.
A man-he was dogadliv,
He resorted to medvedihu,
He planted it spears,
The taller the navel, below the liver.
Struck medvediha of damp earth,
A man somehow smacked her belly,
belly thrashed, like a selfish,
Medvezhatushek small bag in poklal,
A poklal something went home.

"It is for you, woman, a present,
That the bear coat fifty rubles,
And what's your other little present,
Troy bears for five rubles ".

Do not call went through the city,
Come lead throughout the forest,
Tidings came to bear in black and brown,
What killed the man his medvedihu,
Ripped her belly white,
Belly ripped yes hide Sima,
Medvezhatushek poklal in bag.
At that time the bear zapechalilsya,
head hung, the voice howled
Pro if their sudarušku,
Black and brown medvedihu.
- Oh, you light my medvediha,
On the one she left me,
widower sad,
miserable widower?
Oh, how I am with you, my Boyarynya,
Fun game not igryvati,
Cute detushek gives birth,
Medvezhatushek not swing,
Do not swing, not baûkati. —
At that time the animals are going to
To the fact whether the bear, to boyar.
Great beasts came,
Then resorted zverishki smaller.
Resorted tuto wolf nobleman,
He's teeth zakuslivye,
He has a jealous eye.
Beaver came here, trade visitor,
He has a beaver tail fat.
Swallow came dvoryanochka,
Belochka came knyahynechka,
Fox came podyachiha,
Podyachiha, kaznacheyha,
I came buffoon gornostayushka,
Loafer came here hegumen,
He lives behind a loafer Gumen.
Resorted here bunny-smerd,
little white bunny, gray bunny.
PE occurred Tselovalnyk,
All a hedgehog he shivers,
All the time he bristles

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