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Nikita king once lived
Idly, fun, richly,
I do not do good, no evil,
And their land is blooming.
The king worked by a few,
Kuşal, drank, I prayed to God
And by different mothers
Caught on forty daughters,
Forty girls pretty,
Forty angels of heaven,
Cute heart and soul.
What a leg - oh my,
A head, dark hair,
Miracle - eyes, miracle - the voice,
Mind - the mind could be reduced.
in short, from head to toes
soul, heart was captivated.
One does not dostavalo.
Yes that is one?
So, trinkets, nothing.
Nothing il very little,
Still - lacking.
How would it hath declared,
That's not to annoy
Devout important fools,
Too prudish censorship?
How to be?… Help me, the God!
The emperors between the legs ...
No, so it is all too clear
And dangerous for modesty,
So other than a:
I love Venus in the chest,
sponges, especially Legs,
But love Flint,
The goal of my desires ...
What?.. Nothing!..
Nothing, il is very small ...
And that something had happened
At the young princesses,
Playful and lively.
Their miraculous birth
Resulting in confusion
All the courtiers heart.
It was sad for his father
And for mothers sad ...
And from traditional birth attendants
As learned people
Everyone here gaped,
Ahal, ohal, divovalsya,
And sometimes, though laughing,
Yes quietly, to the road
Before Nerchinsk not to give up.
The king summoned his courtiers,
nurses, mamushek submissive
They kept this order:
"If anyone of you
Daughters teach sin,
Or think they have exercised,
Or just a hint,
That they lack,
Ile ambiguous to say,
Or show them the fig,
That - I'm not used to joke
The women cut out tongue,
And men something worse,
What is sometimes tighter ".
The king was strict, but fair,
A fabulous eloquent;
Everyone bowed with fear,
Warn everyone decided,
Ear everyone keep eyes open
And store their possessions.
Poor wife feared,
Husbands do not blabbed;
Secretly thought husbands:
"Provynys, my wife!»
(It is seen, hearts were angrily).
Grown my princess.
It is a pity they became. The king - to the board;
He outlined his subject there:
So and so - quite clearly,
Quiet, a whisper, behind the scenes,
Be careful of the servants.
become thoughtful boyars,
How to treat this disease.
Here is an advisor to the old
Regards to all - and all of a sudden
The bald forehead hand blurted
And the king, he vavaknul:
"ABOUT, wise emperor!
Not you; seek my audacity,
If about carnal filth
I tell, that was the old days.
I was familiar matchmaker
(Where is she? and than it is today?
The same is true, what was the).
Witch Baba had a reputation,
All ailments posoblyala,
Infirmity members healed.
Here it would find;
Witch matter will correct all:
And what is necessary - and then insert ".
- "So for her now send!»
Exclaimed the king Nikita.
Moved eyebrows angrily:
- "Immediately the witch find!
Well if it deceives us,
What we must not reach,
On beans hold us,
Or deliberately lied,
Had I not the king, a slacker,
If the Clean Monday
Burn the witch not'll have:
And the sky will ask ".

Here's secret, Caution,
By courier Podorojnaya
And all the ends of the earth
Messengers were sent.
they jump, everywhere prowl
And the king of witch looking.
A year passes, and another
I do not have to conduct any.
Finally, one zealous
Suddenly, on the trail of happy.
He drove into the dark forest
(It is seen, He led his own demon),
he sees: Cabin in the woods,
Witch live in it, old woman.
He was the ambassador of the Tsar,
Then to her right and entered,
He bowed witch safely,
Exhibited tsarevo case:
As a princess born
And then all denied.
Witch instantly all have realized ...
At the door she pushed the messenger,
so primolviv: "Go
Quickly and without regard,
Not that - Fear of fever ...
After three days come
And for sending a response,
Just remember - a little at dawn ".
After the witch locked herself,
Ugolechkom stocked,
Three days of enchantment,
So the devil lure.
To send to the palace,
Himself brought it to her chest,
Full sinful things,
adore contact.
There they have all sorts of,
all sizes, all colors,
all choice, with curls ...
Witch is assumed,
Forty top otochla,
They are wrapped in a napkin
And the key to the casket closed the,
With him sent a messenger,
Dove on a path serebretsa.
he rides. Dawn blushed ...
Rest wanted to do,
I wanted to have a snack,
Quench thirst vodka:
He was small neat,
All stocks in the reverse path.
Here he unsaddled the horse
And quietly began to eat.
A horse grazes. he dreams,
As his king shall exalt,
Count, Prince will call.
What casket concludes?
That the king sends him a witch?
In looking through the crack: not, can not see
locked tightly. What a shame!
Curiosity takes the fear
And all his worries.
Ear to the castle will make it
Nothing feels hearing;
Sniffing - a familiar spirit ...
Ugh abyss! what a miracle?
View her, she is not bad.
And I could not resist the messenger ...
But only he unlocked the casket,
Birds - fluttering and flew,
And we sat around on the boughs
And tail spun.
Our messenger come to call them,
Breadcrumbs their allure:
Crumb sprinkles - all in vain
(Seen not feed the):
In the knots they sing beautifully,
And why sit casket?
Here is dragged along the road,
All bent arc,
Baba old with walking stick.
Our messenger has thumped her feet:
"I damn head!
Help, whether a mother!
Look, trouble which:
I can not catch them!
How can I burn posobit?»
The old woman looked up,
He spat and hissed:
"You have done, though badly,
But do not cry, not to sue ...
You just show them
Themselves all at once probably ".
"Well, thank!" he said…
It is only shown
Birds suddenly flew him
And flats seized.
To know other woes,
He is without any further excuses
Immediately their turnkey forty
And I go home.
As they got Princess,
Directly to the cells planted.
King for a joy
I asked immediately feast:
Seven days in succession feasted,
The whole month rest;
King of the entire council awarded,
And do not forget the witch:
From the cabinet of curiosities in a gift
She sent in alcohol candle,
(the, that all divil),
two vipers, two skeletons
From the same office ...
And he was awarded the messenger.
Here and fairy tales end.

1822 g.

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