A letter to his sister - Yesenin

About Delvig wrote our Alexander,
About skull he vylaskival
So beautiful and so far,
But still close,
As a flowering garden!

Hey, sister!
Hey, Hello!
The peasant farmer or not, I?!
Well it is now caring grandfather
For cherries, we, Ryazan?

Brother, these cherries!
You have not forgotten them?
And how many had trouble father,
To our skinny
And the red mare
Vыderhyvala plow korneplod.

Father need potatoes.
We needed a garden.
I now lost,
Yes, losing, vent!
He knows this wet pillow
A little bit ... Seven ...
Or eight years ago.

I remember a holiday,
Voiced holiday on May.
blooming cherry,
blooming lilac.
AND, every birch tree hugging,
I was drunk,
The blue day.

girls birches!
They can not love only those,
Who even in the gentle teenager
Can not predict the fruit.

Sister! Sister!
Friends so little in life!
As with all,
On me the stamp of ...
Kohl your tender heart
Make him forget the silence.

You know Sasha.
Sasha was a good.
And Lermontov
Sasha was on the shoulder.
But I'm sick ...
lilac powdergramm
Now, as soon as
heal the soul.

I feel sorry for you.
remain one,
And I'm ready to walk
At least until the duel.
«Blessed, who have not finished to the bottom "
And doslushal voice played.

But our garden!..
After all, for him the spring
will be your
zalaskat children.
Let them
commemorated at random,
They lived ...

Oddballs in the world.

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