Oh you, sleigh! And horses, horses! - Yesenin

Oh you, sleigh! And horses, horses!
It is seen, damn them to the earth brought.
The rollicking steppe acceleration
Bell laughs to tears.

no moon, or a dog's bark
As far, aside, in a vacant lot.
Support, my life is daring,
I have not ever had aged.

sing, coachman, vperekor this night, –
want, I'll cop himself
About crafty maiden eyes,
Pro gay youth my.

Source, hat happened hall,
Yes zalozhishy in oglobli horse,
Yes prilâžešʹ on hay ohapku, –
recollect only, as they called me.

And why was taken posture,
And in the midnight silence
talkative Talianki
Pleaded not one.

everything went. I thinned my hair.
horse hanged, waive our court.
Talianki lost voice,
I forgot how to talk.

But yet the soul is not cool,
So nice to me snow and frost,
Because of all, what happened,
Bell laughs to tears.

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