What a night! Frost crackling…

What a night! Frost crackling,
In the sky a single cloud;
As an embroidered canopy, blue vault
Pestreet of the stars.
In the houses of all the dark. At the gate
The gates with heavy locks.
Everywhere the people rested;
And the noise died down, and cry shopping;
As soon as the barking guard yard
Yes chain calls rattles.

And all of Moscow calmly asleep,
Forgetting the excitement of fear.
A night area at dusk
costs, full of yesterday's executions.
Torment fresh tracks around:
where the body, chipped with amplitude,
where a pillar, where forks; there boilers.
Cooled complete resin;
Here scaffold overturned;
Stick iron teeth,
Bone ash heaps of smoldering,
on the stakes, Crouching, dead
Blacken numb ...
Recently, the blood on all sides
Strueyu toshtey animation snow dyes,
And raised a languid moan,
But death has touched them, like a dream
Their prey captured.
Who's there? Whose horse at full gallop
According formidable area rushing?
whose whistle, whose loud conversation
In the darkness of night sounds?
who is this? - Kromeshnik swashbuckling.
hurry, He flies on a date,
In his chest boiling Desire.
He says: “My horse dashing,
My trusty steed! fly jib!
hurry, probably!..” But proud horse
Suddenly swung braided mane
And he began. In the darkness between the pillars
Oak on the crossbar
He rocked the corpse. rider harsh
Beneath it was ready to race.
But the gallant steed by whip beats,
Hrapit, and snorts, and torn
ago. “Where to? My horse dashing!
What are you afraid of? What's the matter?
Do not we last rode here,
Do not we violently trampled,
Hard Last Minute Hotel,
Dashing traitors king?
Does their blood washed
Your damask Hoof!
Now uzhel not recognize them?
My gallant steed, Remove my horse.
Nesis, fly!..” And the horse tired
The poles galloped.

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Alexander Pushkin
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  1. Asel Daniyarova

    What does this have to do with Pushkin?!