TO *** (No, not, should I not, I do not dare, can not…)

No, not, should I not, I do not dare, can not
Unrest love madly indulge;
Calm my I strictly shore
And I do not give the heart to glow and be forgotten;
No, I totally love; but why train times
Not immersed in the minute I mechtane,
When the accident will take place in front of me
Mladoe, pure, heavenly creature,
Will take place and will disappear?... I can not it be true
Admiring a virgin in a sad sensuality.
Eyes follow her in silence
Bless her for the joy and happiness,
And her heart to wish all the blessings of this life,
Hilarious world of the soul, carefree leisure hours,
Everything - even the happiness of, who elected her,
Who will give a sweet maiden name of the wife.

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Alexander Pushkin
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