Feasting students

Friends! dosuzhny hour has come;
Everything is quiet, all alone;
Rather, a tablecloth and a glass!
This wine Zlata!
It mizzles., champagne, in glass.
Friends! why hast also with Canton
Seneca, Tacitus on the table,
Folyant over folïantom?
Under the table cold sages,
We are in possession of the field;
Under the table of scientists Fools!
Without them, we are able to drink.

Shall we find a sober
For tablecloth student?
On every one case we choose
rather, President.
As a reward drunk - it pours
I punch, and grog sweet,
And you, Spartans, podneset
Water in a clean glass!
Apostol care and cool,
My good Galich, vale![Be healthy!]

You Epicurus younger brother,
Your soul in a glass.
Chapter wreaths take away,
Whether our president,
And kings will be the most
envious of the students.

Give me a hand, Delvig! you sleep?
Wake up, sleepy sloth
You do not sit under the Department of,
Latin lulled.
Look: here the circle of your friends;
The bottle of wine is poured,
For the health of our Muses drink,
Parnassian tape.
amiable wit! deal!
Full leisure glass!
And pour hundreds of epigrams
In foe and friend.

And you, handsome young,
illustrious playboy!
Thou shalt Bacchus dashing priest,
On prochchee - Curtain!
although student, although I'm drunk.
But humility count;
Pridvin'e same frothy glass,
At the swearing bless.

comrade cute, one straight,
Tryahnem hand arm,
Leaving circular bowl
Pedant mate skuku:
Not the first time we drink together,
Often Bran,
But the cup of fellowship pour -
And immediately make peace. —

And you, who since childhood
One fun dyshesh,
Funny, right, you are a poet.
Though bad writing fables;
Are you tasuyus without rank,
I love you soul,
Fill the cup to the brim, —
reason! God bless you!

And you, rake of rakes,
On pranks born,
Udalыy grip, thug,
intimate friend of,
bottles, glasses divide
Strength fabrics,
In kozachyu cap pour punch -
And let's drink again!..

Pryblyzhsya, our cute singer,
favorite Apollo!
Sing ruler of hearts
Guitar quiet ringing.
How sweet it is in the chest tightness
sounds yearning pours!..
But do me a passion vozdohnut?
Not! drunk just laughs!

No better eh, Rode notebook,
In honor of the village Vakhovoy
Now you string skrypet
upset skrypitsy?
Zapoyte chorus, gentlemen,
No need, that awkward;
Ohripli? - it does not matter:
For drunk all okay because!

But what?... I see everything together:
Doubles damask with Araki;
The whole room was spinning;
Covered his eyes with darkness ...
Where are you, companions? Where I am?
Tell, Bacchus sake ...
you nap, my friends,
Leaning on the notebook ...
Writer for their sins!
You're all sober mind;
William, read their poems,
May I go to sleep soon.

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Alexander Pushkin
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