By Pushchin. (4 May)

birthday dear,
About Leo road!
I wandered to you hermit
Hug with a stranger -
But a good singer
Met with no fuss
From the front porch.
He guest without etiquette,
It does not require a greeting
sly bustle;
Take train his kisses
And pure desire
simplicity of heart!
Arrange guests feast;
On the table voschanoy
Put beer mug
And the cup punshevoy.
vintage pal!
Zabudemsya on time.
Let the light of the mind
Now extinguished in us;
Let the old man winged
Flies on post:
We roads instant loss
In only one amusements!

Are you happy, dear friend!
The tranquility with gold
Flowing your age careless,
It runs every day;
And you told Graces,
Not knowing black ills,
you live, Horace as he lived,
Although not a poet.
Indoors nebogatym
You do not know
With zloveshtim Gipokratom,
With frowning priest;
You do not see at the threshold
crowding concerns;
We found the way to you
Gaiety and Eros;
Do you like the ringing of glasses
And the thick smoke tube,
I demon metromanov
Do not sway you.
Are you happy in this share.
Tell, what more
I wish a friend?
We'll have to shut up ...

Give god, that I, with friends
Hundredth meeting in May,
covered with gray hairs,
I told you poems:
That's cup; infusion!
Fun! to any grave
Soputnik our faithful,
And even if we both die
When complete knock bowls!

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Alexander Pushkin
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