K & N. D. Lomonosov

And you, dear friend, I leave
Reliability marina silence,
Shuttle sent its fun
By moisture turbulent depth:
Fate is already on the steering wheel,
Calmly lit skies,
Boat cruise empty -
Will spread the happiness of the sails.
Give god, so terrible weather
Near you have not seen the horror,
That stormy whirlwind does not swell
Previous shuttle shumyaschi water!
Give god, in the evening to the shores
You stick safely
And rest easy there
With love, friendship is inseparable!
No! you can not forget them!
But what! Not soon, may be,
I'll see, my friend, with you
Secluded hut in silence;
Over a cup of punch circular
Sometimes vospomnish me:
When I will go to the house-warming
(Sleep because all general inheritance),
Tell: “God give him joy!
He lives at least knew how to love”.

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