To Kaverin

Forget, my dear Kaverin,
Minute playfulness immodest verse.
I love the first, be sure,
Your sins hussar.
Proslыt apostle Zenonova uchenya,
May be, good - but not you, neither me.
I know, the excitement of passion
And mischief, and delusions
We landed today brilliant spring.
Drop clever, even inadvertently,
We will sometimes be fooled -
So far, without much shame
We can be fooled.
around time to, around your moment,
Everything is a string of a certain:
Funny and windy old,
Funny and dignified young man.
Full of days in the younger days away,
Goodbye forever fun vociferous,
With Venus Ardent, whimsical and with Bacchus,
Breathe on them, as friends,
And Senility surprise bow silent.
Now carelessness live,
Love your friends, Save recollection of them,
Pray and Love, and Who,
Minute youth catch
And black despise jealousy roptanye.
She does not know, it is possible to live together
With verses, with maps, Plato and a glass,
What frisky frolicking under a light blanket
And the mind and heart of the sublime can be hidden.

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Alexander Pushkin
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