It was the time: our holiday young…

It was the time: our holiday young
Inkjet, noisy and roses married,
And the songs of glasses tinkling mingled,
And we sat closely crowd.
Then, careless soul ignorant,
We all lived and lighter and bolder,
We drank to the health of all hope
And youth and all its undertakings.

Now is not: riotous feast our
With the coming of age, like us, I have one's fling,
on prismirel, utih, settled down,
He became muffled ringing of his grace-bowls;
Between us we are not so playfully poured.
spacious, sadly we sit,
And rarely laugh Among the songs sounds,
And often, we sigh and are silent.

around time to: so the twenty-fifth time
We are celebrating the day of the Lyceum coveted.
Years have passed unnoticed Death,
And how they had changed us!
No wonder - no! - raced quarter of a century!
Do not complain: such is the fate of the law;
It revolves round the human world, —
Can it be true, he would be one immovable?

recall, the other, since then,
When our fate circle connected,
which, What we were witnesses!
Plaything mysterious game,
Meta troubled people;
And towering and fallen kings;
And the blood of the people of Fame, the Freedom,
The Pride Bagram altars.

Do you remember: when high school came,
As the king's palace opened for Tsaritsyn us,
And we came. And we met Kunitsyn
Greeting between the royal guests, —
Then the storm twelfth year
still asleep. even Napoleon
I have not experienced a great nation -
Still threatened and he hesitated.

Do you remember: flowed for Ratiu army,
With older brothers, we said goodbye
And in the shadow of Sciences angrily returned,
Jealous of what, who are dying
I walked past us ... and tribes fought,
Russia embraced conceited enemy,
And the glow of the lit up Moscow
His regiment ready snow.

Do you remember, how our Agamemnon
From prisoner to Paris, we rushed.
What a delight then came before him!
As it was great, how he was perfect,
peoples friend, the savior of their freedom!
You remember - how suddenly revived
these gardens, these living waters,
Where he spent his leisure nice.

And is not it - and he left Russia,
, Erected over the world bewildered them,
And fugitive rock oblivious,
around foreign, Napoleon extinguished.
And a new king, stern and mighty,
At the turn of Europe began briskly,
And over the land converged new clouds,
I Hurricane them

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