A knock at the door - Tsvetaeva

heart dozing, but the heart is so sensitive,
remember all: and bliss, and pain.
Those rays burned down long ago eh?
How to forget you, sad baby,
Blue-eyed baby king?

You, how old, bredesh through alley,
stubborn, haughty and Dick;
In Curls - zolotyaschyysya Blick ...
I am silent, I dare not embarrassed
Look you in the face of fading.

I am one of those, oh my woeful boy,
What a birthday is not here and not there.
ABOUT, give ear to the pleas of belated!
Why do you smile with her finger
Gently put it to his lips?

The infinity stage beckoned,
But, Alas, deceived stage:
Infinity ended the day!
I have to shadows you changed,
It changed for me shade shadow.

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Alexander Pushkin
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