Struck knight

The last radiance of the burning forest,
Evening quietly gone out dawn,
Silent valley deaf;
In the mist swirling desert river,
Lazy ridge are clouds,
Between them the golden moon.

Cast iron armor on the hill lie,
spear fragmented, gloved damask,
And the shield under the helmets zarzhavym,
Dug his spurs into the moistened moss: —
lie still, and the horn of the month
Above them in the shining bloody.

Around the hill circumvents strong one - horse;
В очах горделивых померкнул огонь —
He tends brane head.
Беспечным копытом бьет камень долин —
And looking at the armor - a faithful horse,
And wildly trembles, and groaning.

Getting lost in the dark, alien is,
С надеждою робость он в сердце несет —
Bending over the road crutch,
He climbed the hill, and in the dim distance
He looks, and descends - and ringing steel
Pushing the tired foot.

Hladeet newcomer - hauberk sound.
Deceased threatening them bones knock,
The stones rolled Shelom,
I was hiding in it ... a skull with the sound of the deep
Заржал конь ретивый – скок лётом на холм —
I looked ... and head bowed.

Already a traveler far away in the darkness of the night wandering,
all mnitsya, that the bones crunching underfoot ...
Но утро денница выводит —
The battle in the battle on the hill lies,
And motionless armor, and the helmet does not knock,
And the horse round the deceased, walking.

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Alexander Pushkin
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