What immodest dress of sim,
Touching voice and eyes
Mladen heart inflame
And quiet, sweet reproach
For easy victory to cause?
What specious tenderness,
Feigned bashfulness view,
Movements languid negligence
And trembling lips and cheeks glow?
In vain the efforts of cunning;
In the heart of a vicious life there ...
Involuntary coldness indignation
You rock my reply.
Tvoeyu prelestyyu arrogance
Who did not own in the dark night?
Tell: at the door of the estimated
Your abode despicable
Who dared not knocking hand?
Not, not, another his zavyaly
You are not, charmer, wreath;
Laska inexperienced vice,
In your arms tired;
But the proud intent forget:
Not will draw muse pet
You predatelnuyu on chest!
Bring other salaried ties,
His love of shameful bargaining,
Greed hladnye kisses
And coercion of desire,
Zlata bought delight!

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Alexander Pushkin
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