ABOUT. Masson

Olga, goddaughter Kipridy.
Olga, Beauty miracle,
As the affection and resentment
Accustomed to lavish you!
Potsaluem lust
You, disturbing the heart in us,
seductive happiness
Assigns secret hour.
We love fever
Resort hour conditional,
Knocking at the door - but for the umpteenth time
Hear your insidious whisper
And servant sleepy murmur,
And mocking rejection.

For the sake of debauchery frisky,
priapian undertakings.
Radi care, like gold,
For the sake of your charms,
Olga, priestess naslazhdenyya,
Hearken our love crying -
night of delights, night of oblivion
We must appoint.

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Alexander Pushkin
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