Hour Soul - Tsvetaeva


In a deep soul and hour of the night,
Nechyslyaschyysya at times,
I looked into the eyes of the young man,
Nechyslyaschyesya at night

draws more, double dam
- No memory and on the edge! —
Resting ...
Your life begins.

Graying of the Roman she-wolf
Sight, in fosterling seer - Rome!
dreamer motherhood
Rocks ... No my name

All covers being lost ...
Removing - losses grew out! —
So once over the reed
Cart sloped daughter

Egyptian ...

14 July 1923


In deep hour of the soul,
In Depth - nochi ...
(Giant step of the soul,
Soul in the night)

In that hour, soul, vertices
worlds, Where you want
Reign - the palace of the soul,
Soul, vertices.

rusty lips, newly-fallen snow
Eyelashes - snow.
(Atlanta sigh of the soul,
Soul - in the night ...)

In that hour, soul, gloomily
Eyes, where Vega
Sweetest fruit ascend ...
Soul, bitter.

Bitter and omrachay:
Grow: vertices.

8 August 1923


There is an hour of Soul, as the hour of the Moon,
Owls - hour, haze - hour, darkness -
Hour ... Hour Soul - like strings hour
David's through dreams

Saul ... In that hour shivering,
Tshteta, Rumyana smoy!
There is an hour of Soul, as thunderstorms hour,
Child, and this hour - my.

Hour innermost bottoms
infants. - Dams descent!
All things broke down with the grooves,
All the unseen - with mouth!

With an eye - all the curtains! All tracks -
back! On line - music -
No! time Souls, as the hour of trouble,
Child, and this hour - hit.

my trouble! - so shalt call.
So, medical knife
disfigured, children - mother
objurgate: "Why do we live?»

and, palms fresh
fever: "We must. - Lyah ".
Yes, hour Souls, How hour knife,
Child, and a knife still - good.

14 August 1923

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