French Rhymer harsh judge…

French Rhymer harsh judge,
About classic Despreaux, I appeal to you:
Although comprehend the inexorable fate
In his own country he ceases to you to be a prophet,
Though bold clever stretched hand
On the laurels of your thick wig;
Although, disheveled latest Freestyle school,
To her in anger you turned your neck bare,
But I pray thee, поклонник верный твой —
Be my vozhataem. I dare for you
Occupation department that, which in the former summer
You're too exalted dignity sonnet,
But where is your common triumphed sentence
Fools past years, Vrana the then far.
Новейшие врали вралей старинных стоят —
And me too their ravings disturb.
Can it all be silent, so listen? About trouble!..
Not, all they will express once for always.

About you, that, voschuvstvovav courage,
grab a pen, Mara paper,
Stamping works betray their haste,
Wait - Find out in advance, than the soul
You have performed - whether direct inspiration
Or a rash encroachments,
And itches you hand over trifles,
Or you do not believe in debt, and the money you need.
No better than l was used to you with the hope of the humble
To do the service of the Civil il military,
With praise Zhukov tobacco auction lathe
And sniskivat in work currently profit and honor,
The ads poke into all magazines,
Nobleman went sprinkled madrigals,
Over fellow at the faces sweat Island,
Ile above opinions courageously ascended,
With public gaffes (as some hacks)
Subscription to collect - for future bull ...

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