For the Shores of Distant Homeland…

For the Shores of Distant Homeland
You left the edge of a stranger;
In the hour of unforgettable, h sad
I wept in front of you.
My hands as a cooling
You tried to keep;
Languor terrible separation
My moan prayed not to interrupt.

But you from the bitter kisses
His mouth tore;
From the edge of the dark exile
Are you calling me a edge.
You said: “On the day we meet
Under the sky forever blue,
In fied Olive, love kisses
we again, my friend, connect”.

But there, Alas, where the sky vaults
Shine in the glare of the blue,
Where the shadow of olive trees lay on the water,
You fell asleep last sleep.
Your Beauty, your suffering
Disappeared in an urn grave -
And with them potsaluy bye ...
But I am waiting for him; it is for you ...

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Alexander Pushkin
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