Coalescing of gloomy rocks,
Roar and foam rollers,
And over me screaming eagles,
And murmur boron,
And shine amid the darkness undulating
mountain peaks.

Thence broke again collapse,
And with a heavy clatter,
And all the gorge between the rocks
I enclose,
And Terek able shaft

fled, istoshtasy and prismirev,
About Terek, You interrupted his roar;
But back waves stubborn anger
broke out in the snow ...
you flooded, osvirepev,
his coast.

For a long time the broken collapse
Netaloy heap lying,
And Terek evil underneath it ran,
And dust treatment
And noisy foam watered
icy arch.

And by the way there was a:
And the horse riding, and vleksâ vol,
And he led his camel
steppe merchant,
Where now only racing Aeolus,
heaven tenant.

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Alexander Pushkin
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