When sometimes recollection…

When sometimes recollection
Gnaws at my heart in silence,
And long-term suffering
As the shadow once again running to me;
When people close to seeing
In the desert I want to escape,
They hate the weak mind, —
Then forgetting? I fly
Not bright edge, where the sky shines
ineffable blue,
Where the sea is warm waves
Marble vethoy quiet burly,
And laurel and cypress dark
In the wild, magnificently grown,
Where he sang the majestic Torquato,
Where he is now in the darkness of night
Far zvonkoyu skaloy
Swimmer repeated octave.
I strive habitual dream
By the icy waves of the North.
Between beloglavoy their crowd
Open? Island see there.
Sad island - Wild Beach
littered with Winter? cranberries,
Withered covered tundra
And hladnoy penoyu Changeling.
It sometimes arrives
Brave northern fisherman,
here fishermen? seine spreads
And he throws his hearth.
This wave weather
pushes fragile? my? shuttle.

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Alexander Pushkin
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