Why did you come out of the clouds,
solitary moon,
And the pillows, through the windows,
Dim radiance you direct?
The phenomenon of their overcast
You budish sad of dream,
Love in vain suffering
And proud of my mind
Almost lulled to sleep by desires.
fly away, memories!
captured, unhappy love!
I do not happen that night again,
When the quiet radiance
Your mysterious rays
Through the dark ash permeable,
And pale, pale illumined
The beauty of my mistress.
What do you, enthusiasm of lust,
Before the secret charm OTRADA
straight love, direct happiness
Primchatsya eh joy back?
mail, minutes, you fly
Then as quick succession?
And light shadows thinned
Before the unexpected dawn?
why are you, month, drove off
And in the bright sky drowned?
Why beam flashed morning?
Why I miloyu bye?

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Alexander Pushkin
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