Defying voice? wounds…

Defying voice? wounds,
And the call of sweet hopes,
I go into exile ashes homeland
On the road to shake off clothes.
In molkny, heart sleepy whisper,
Привычки давной слабый глас,
forgive, limit unfavorable,
Where the light saw the first time I!
Sorry, sumraçnıe,
Где дни мои текли в тиши,
Filled with passion and sloth
И снов задумчивых души. —
My brother, a dangerous separation day
All the thoughts of the heart - about you.
The last time compress the hands
And subdued, we fate.
Bless escape poet

somewhere in the excitement of the world
Мой глас воспомни иногда

He silenced under heaven trepidation, With distant
Один печальным
Quenched side in the alien.

The hour desired
И благосклонный славянин
To my grave bezimyannoy

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Alexander Pushkin
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