He lived among us…

He lived among us
Amid his alien tribe, rancor
In his soul is not nourished us, And we
loved him. Peaceful, benevolent,
He attended our conversation. With him
We shared dreams and clean
and songs (He was inspired from above
And with high I looked at life). not infrequently
He spoke of the coming times,
when nations, feuds forgotten,
In the great family unite.
We listened eagerly poet. is he
I went to the west - and a blessing
We held him. But now
Our peaceful guest we became the enemy - and poison
their poems, in favor of violent mob,
he watereth. Issued to us
Comes the voice of the evil poet,
Familiar voice!.. Christ! sanctify
In it the heart of thy righteousness and peace
And hit emu.

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Alexander Pushkin
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