God do not let me go crazy…

God do not let me go crazy.
No, easier to staff and scrip;
No, easier to work and smooth.
Not that, to my mind
I treasured; not that, to him
Part was not pleased:

Were left me
on the vole, as if I playfully
Let the dark forest!
I would sing in a fiery delirium,
I'd forgotten in a daze
Nestrojnyh, wonderful dreams.

And I'd listened with delight waves,
And I have looked, full of happiness,
In the empty skies;
And strong, I was free,
As the whirlwind, royuschyy field,
breaking forest.

But the trouble: Go down with the mind,
And the terrible plague will,
Just you'll be locked,
Be put on circuit bum
And through the bars like Zverkov
Tease you come.

And I'll hear at night
Do not vote bright nightingale,
No noise deaf Dubrov -
And the cry of my companions
Yes wrestle rangers night
Yes squeal, that bell ferrule.

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Alexander Pushkin
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