Leda (cantata)

Amid the dark grove, under the shade of fragrant lime trees,
The tall reeds, where frequent pearls
Swelled foam water srebristyh,
I hesitate to quiet breeze,
Cover bashful beauty,
carelessly thrown, lying near the shore,
And the charm of its flow playful wave
With joy watered.

A resident groves hasty,
Whether the modest, of the creek!
hush, trickle talkative!
Change terrified her!

Leda robostyyu trepeshtet,
Quietly breathes snowy chest,
Neither wave splashing around does not,
Neither marshmallow dare not blow.

The rustling of the grove dies down,
All in a lovely quiet:
Nymph further steps,
Entrusting timid wave.

But something between the bushes coastal vosshumelo,
And the feeling of shyness beautiful seized;
I shivered, unable vozdohnut.
And the king of birds from under the bent willow,
Spread your wings proudly,
By the beauty floats - chest full of fun;
With noisy penoyu bravely wave drives,
Wings air has,
Then in the ring neck Vietnamese,
The proud head of lowly before Leda tends.
Leda laughs.
suddenly a
joy click.
View voluptuous!
By the beautiful Leda
swan pressed.
heard groaning,
again silence.
forest nymph
With sweet negoyu
see sneak
the secret of the gods.

Come to your senses at last beauty mladaya
Quiet eyes opened, In the torture of grief,
And what she saw? - On a bed of flowers.
It rests in the arms of Zeus;
Between them young love, —
And fell sacrament lovely veil.

Sim example learn,
roses, Beauty virgins;
Summer evening dismayed
In a dark grove of water:

In a dark grove lies
Often fiery Eros;
With hladnoy trickle rolls,
Boom hides in foam water.

Sim example learn,
roses, Beauty virgins;
Summer evening dismayed
In a dark grove of water.

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