By Vigil vechor going home…

By Vigil vechor going home,
Antipʹevna with Marfuškoû branilasʹ;
Antipevna wonderfully hot.
“Hold on, - shouts, - Driving I'm with you;
You think, I already forgot
that night, when, climbing in the area,
You godson Vanya shalila?
Hold on, of all finds hubby!”
- You're my only weapon to threaten! - Marfushka answers:
Vanya - that? After all, he has a child;
A wedding guest Trofim, which you
And day, and night? The whole town knows it.
Shut up Well, godmother: and you, like me, false,
And all words razobidish;
In a strange straw ... you see,
A host can not see and logs.

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Alexander Pushkin
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