For the young actress

You're not the heiress Kleron,
Not their laws to you
Possessor Pindos drawn;
You do not have a lot of God sent,
Tvoy voice, gesture,
Silent gaze of treatment
are not, I confess, praise
And surprisingly noisy Pleskov;
Ill fated destiny
You have a bad actress.
But, Kloya, you are sweet.
You in the crowd laugh trail,
Promise lovers of joy -
so, wreaths in front of you,
And nesomnitelny success.

You're captive audience
When you sing without tact,
Motionless standing in front of us,
Eat - and often do not get caught in.
And we are diligent hands
All loud clap; shout:
«Bravo! very good! wonderfully!»
Satirists whistles silent,
And pretty pokorstvuyut.

When their embarrassment,
You lay your hands from breasts,
Or podymesh them again
Put on chest, ashamed,;
When Milo Young,
Babbling something for us,
The love without feeling assures;
Or without a memory in tears,
Cold emitting ah!
Quietly in a chair upadana,
Blushing and slightly breathless, —
All whisper: brother! how good!
Alas! another b booed:
Greatness beauty.
About Kloya, wise lied:
Not everything is vanity.

captivates the same, Kloya, beauty;
Stokrat blessed lover Toth,
Which gently before thee,
Osmelyasy, sings about love;
In verse and prose on the stage
You swore to love,
Who can you answer,
Not daring to utter treason;
beatific, who can forget the role
On stage, with a nice little actress
Shake hands with her, I am hoping to be
Still blissfully behind the scenes!

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Alexander Pushkin
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