Groomer brushing his horse,
And I vorčal, angry excessively:
“He brought the spirit of my enemy
On rasproklyatuyu quarters!

Here human cherish,
How to Turkish shootout,
Blank will hardly boiling,
And do not think of the burner.

Here at you like a wild beast
looks host, and with the hostess -
not bos, not entice the door
Its no honor, our nagaykoy.

That deal eh Kiev! That the edge!
Tumbled into the mouth themselves dumplings,
Wine - at least a couple Resist,
A molodytsы-molodushky!

By my faith, not sorry to give soul
For beauty chernobrivoy glance.
a, one is not good ...”
- And what? tell, sluzhyvыy.

He began to turn his long mustache
And he began: “Rumor without resentment,
You, guy, may be, no coward,
that stupid, and we battered.

Well, listen: near the Dnieper
It was our regiment; my mistress
Was good and comely,
A husband is dead, Notice the-ka!

Here with her and I became friends;
we live according to, so what a pleasure:
Pribyyu - my Marusinyka
A word without saying a rude;

I get drunk - Position, itself
Opohmelitʹsâ prigotovit;
blink happened: Hey, godmother! —
Kuma nothing to contradict.

seem: what would grieve?
Live in comfort, harmless;
Well no: I even think jealous.
What to do? enemy lured seen.

Why would she, I began to think,
Wake up to roosters? who asks?
Shalit Marusinka my;
Where it is wicked?

I began to look after her.
Once I lay, eyes narrowed,
(And the night was in prison mobiles,
And in the court of the storm roared)

And I hear: my kumushka
C oven tihohonko jumped,
Slightly searched me,
I sat down by the stove, coal thrashing

And a thin candle lit,
Yes, in the area I went with a candle,
They took with glass of shelves
AND, sat on the broom in front of the stove,

I stripped naked; then
From bottles sipped three times,
And suddenly riding a broom
Vzvilas the pipe - and slipped away.

Ege! I have realized per minute:
Kuma-to, it is seen, basurmanka!
Hold on, my dear!..
And the stove with tears - and I see: glass.

smell: sour! what a rubbish!
I splashed on the floor: what a miracle?
I jumped tongs, followed by Lohan,
Both in the oven. I see: God!

I look: under the bench snoozing cat;
And I sprinkled a bottle on him -
As he fyrknet! I: scat!.. And so
And he is there for the same wash basin.

I sprinkle well in all corners
On shoulder, what really got any;
And that's it: pots, bench, Table,
March! march! all jumped into the fire.

Who Chorten! I thought; Now
And we will try! and spirit
All drank a bottle; believe not believe -
But suddenly soared to the top, I down.

headlong fly, fly, fly,
Where, I do not remember and I do not know;
Only counter sprockets shout:
right!.. and zem upadana.

I look: Forest. On it up
boil boiler; sing, play,
Whistle and abominable game
Gide is crowned with a frog.

I spat and wanted to say ...
And suddenly runs my Maroussia:
Home! who called you, urchin?
you eat! But I, no night hawk;

Home? Yes! devil with two! how much
I know the way? - Brother, he is strange!
Here poker, sit verhom
and clean, cursed.

- So that I, I sat down on the poker,
Gusar sworn! Oh you, fool!
I surrendered to the enemy or?
Or you have a double skin?

Konya! - On, fool, here is the horse. —
And just; horse in front of me,
scraping his hoof, all fire,
Arc sheya, tail pipe.

- Sit down. - So I sat on a horse,
I am a bridle, - no bridle.
As hoisted, how did you carry me -
And we found ourselves at the stove.

I look; all the same; I myself
I sit verhom, and below me
Not a horse - and the old bench:
That's what happens sometimes”.

And he began to twist it a long mustache,
added: “Rumor without resentment,
You, guy, may be, no coward,
So stupid and we battered”.

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