I wander along the bustling streets…

I wander along the bustling streets,
L enter the temple in a crowded,
L sit between the boys crazy,
I surrender my dreams.

I say: promchatsya years,
And how many of us are not seen,
We all let us go down under the eternal arches -
And someone's already the hour.

L look at the secluded Oak,
I conceive: forest patriarch
Survive my lifetime oblivion,
How he survived the age of the fathers.

Baby caress cute eh,
Already I think: simple!
I concede to you place;
I have time to fester, you blossom.

every day, every hour of
I'm used Duma Having your,
Impending death anniversary
Between them trying to guess.

And where do I send the death of fate?
In BOYU you, in abroad, in waves?
Or neighboring valley
My ashes will have cooled?

And though unconscious body
Equal everywhere rot,
But closer to the sweet limit
I used all wanted to rest.

And let the coffin at the entrance
Young life play,
And the indifferent nature
Beauty shine forever.

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Alexander Pushkin
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