Alphonse sits on the horse…

Alphonse sits on the horse;
He holds a master of the stirrup.
“liege, Listen to me:
Now embark on a journey no time.
In the mountains is dangerous, night close,
vent other far.
stay here: ready your dinner;
The fire kindled a fire;
Postel is - you need a rest,
And to stall your horse runs”.
– “I routinely travel
Day and night - would be the way, —
he answers, - indecent
Should I fear anything.
I am a gentleman, - no hell, nor thieves
They can not stop me,
When I rush to the service”.
And Don Alphonse horse gave a spur,
And going to trot. Before him
One is a road in the mountains
Gorge close and deaf.
Here he leaves the valley;
Well what he sees now?
Around the desert, game and beggars,
And aside sticking Glagol,
And on the verb that two bodies
hang. Zakarkav, bounced
Gang of black crows,
As soon as he pulled up to them.
They were the bodies of two Githany,
Two glorious chieftains-brothers,
It has long been hanged and there
Left in the example of thieves.
Sky rains drenched them,
A scorching sun has dried,
Desert wind shook them,
Crows peck at them fro.
And there was a rumor in the common people,
what, breaking off at night,
They till the morning free
walking, revenge on their enemies.

Alfonso horse vskhrapel sideways
I passed them by, and than
ran briskly, easy jump,
With its fearless rider.

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