Late in the night of the campaign
governor returned.
He tells the servants to remain silent;
In the bedroom I ran to the bed;
I pulled the curtains ... in fact,!
no one; empty bed.

AND, darker black night,
He lowered his menacing eyes,
The gray began to twist your mustache ...
Sleeves ago threw,
I went out, pushed castle;
“gay, you, clicked, chortov cous!

And why not have a fence
neither dog, no prison?
I'll, louts! - Give me the gun;
prepare a bag, rope,
Yes, take off the nail gun.
Well, follow me!.. I f it!”

Pan and boy under a fence
Pacific kradutsya Watch,
Entrance to the garden - and through the branches,
On a bench by the fountain,
In a white dress, see, Miss
And the man in front of her.

he says: “Everything is lost,
The only moment I, happened,
I enjoyed, he loved:
White breast groanings,
Gentle shrug of the handle ...
Voivod all I bought.

How many years have you suffered I,
How many years have you been looking for me!
From me you have unlocked.
Not looking for it, he suffered;
A silver saber he,
And you gave him.

I rode into the night
Panna cute eyes see,
Delicate hand shake;
Wish for housewarming
For many years she and fun,
And then run forever.”

Panna cries and misses,
He kisses her knees,
And those looking through branch,
Guns on zem lowered,
According patron bitten off,
Was killed ramrod charge.

We approached cautiously.
'Ban my, I can not heal,»
Poor lad whispered: —
“Wind, whether; placuta eyes,
Tremors takes; in the hands of no urine,
Gunpowder in the regiment did not hit.” —

– “Hush you, gayduche tribe!
will cry, Give me time!
Rash on the shelf ... suggests ...
The purpose of her forehead. To the left of the above ....
With Pan handle himself. Potis;
before I; you wait”.

A shot rang out in the garden.
Pan did not wait for the lad;
voivod cried,
Voivod staggered ...
Lad seen missed:
Right in his forehead hit.

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Alexander Pushkin
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