Syrotka - Yesenin

Masha - a round orphan.
poorly, Masha bad live,
Wicked stepmother angrily
Without guilt berates her.

Nerodimaya sister
Masha does not give space,
Plachet Mary stealth
And furtive tears pouring.

Masha does not contradict the battlefield,
Loses bold words,
A sister kovarnaya
discourage suitors.

Wicked stepmother Masha
He robbed her outfit,
Masha goes without dress,
And guys do not look.

Mary walks in sundress,
Dress all of the patches,
And Machekhin daughter
Necklace with earrings rattle.

Mary sewed on handouts
Dress yourself another
And on his head wearing
blue shawl.

Mary wants ponaryadney
In the church of God go
And angry stepmother
He asks her to buy beads.

Wicked stepmother Masha
I roll up their sleeves,
On the lips of poor Masha
And frozen words.

Masha came, sobbed,
Just nowhere to go,
B ran to the cemetery,
Yes grave find.

Gray swept blizzard
Field of snow blade,
According Dorozhen'ka potholes,
And drifts under the window.

Mary went on Porch,
It hurt her nevmoch.
A friend just howling wind,
A circle as soon as night.

Cries Mary in porch,
Tucked around the corner,
And tearful eyes
He wipes his sleeve.

cries Mary, Chill is growing.
Angry grandfather frost,
And from her eyes, like pearls,
Flow drops of tears.

I came a month due Tucek,
Bright light played.
Sees Masha - on pristupke
Someone scattered the beads.

Unintentional happiness
Mary raised her eyes
And frozen hands
Close pearls collected.

Only Masha for ring
He opens the door arm, –
And with high snowdrifts
To her gray-haired old man runs:

"Hey, beauty, wait ka,
Completely swept blizzard!
Where there's on the porch
I had forgotten pearls ".

Masha and the mystery of anxiety
Timidly raised her eyes
And she said, haltingly:
"I gathered them in the apron".

And from the apron shyly,
Shielding face with hand,
Masha poured pearls
Frostscale on porch.

«Stay, child, not rash, do not, –
Said the gray-haired old man, –
This is because the beads on a necklace,
This pearl, Masha, yours ».

Masha laughs with joy,
blushed, costs,
And the old man, bending over her,
So she gently says:

"On a child, I have seen, saw,
How many tears you shed
And as the stepmother dashing
You drove out of the house.

And in the house your sister
I admire a
AND, combing braids,
I am laughing at you.

You cried at the porch,
A blizzard of chalk circle,
I reward your tears
I froze in pearls.

For you, My dear,
I could not endure it hurt
And angry breath
I chilled mother and daughter.

That's my reward
For your flood of tears ...
I'm, Masha, very kind,
I'm grandfather frost ".

And disappeared frost crackling ...
Masha pearls collected
AND, listening to the blizzard,
She stood and went.

Masha early morning early
Was digging mogilushku,
At this time, the courtiers
It was beautiful to look.

King ordered them strictly
Circumvent their country
And beauty themselves
Find a wife.

They saw Masha,
Masha began to speak,
Only Masha decided to do
Before the dead bury.

Quiet done pominki,
In my heart the pain subsided,
And Masha, on syrotke,
She marries the king.

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