You vyanesh and silent: sadness you eaten…

You vyanesh and silent: sadness you eaten:
On virgin lips smile fades.
It has long been your needle patterns and colors
do not resuscitate. Silently love you
sad. ABOUT, I am an expert in girlish sadness;
It has long been my eyes in your soul read.
Love can not hide: we love, and how we,
Maid tender, love you care.
happy young man! but who, tell, between them
Handsome young with eyes of blue,
With black curls?... blush? I am silent,
but I know, I know everything: and if I want to,
Then call him. Did not he wanders forever
Around the house and your gaze to the window raises?
You are secretly waiting for him. is, and you run,
And long after you see them invisible.
No one at the celebration of the brilliant May,
Between luxury flying chariots,
None of the young men freer and bolder
Not ruled by the whim of his horse.

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Alexander Pushkin
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