Platonic love

I know, Lidinka, my friend,
Who in sweet reverie
You devoted your leisure,
Who you sacrifice furtively
By suspicious friends.
You afraid of cute monkey,
charming Windhawk,
And its importance hladnoy
You nesnosen Gimenej.
You pray to another god,
His fate pokorstvuya:
Sweet delights for you
We found a deserted road.
I saw a faint glow of the eyes,
I realized half-closed eyes,
And pale cheeks,
And tread your languor ...
Your god is not a complete delight
Gives his fans.
His mysterious reward
Mlada modesty values.
He loves the dreams of imagination,
He suffers the castle doors,
He is one shy of delight,
He is the brother love, but lonely.
When insomnia dull
In the TME night tomishsya you,
He gives life to the secret force
Your vague dreams,
Sighs gently with poor Lida
And driving tihoyu hand
And dreams, inspired Kipridy,
And sweet, virgin peace.
In a secluded Delights
You think love cheat.
In vain! - in the rapture
Sigh and again tomishsya.

Cupid Shall not glance
The unsanctified your shelter?
Your Beauty, like a rose, wither;
Minutes youth run.
Can it be true pleading in vain my?
Forget criminal dreams,
Do not ever be you beautiful,
Not for himself perfect you.

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Alexander Pushkin
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