The most celebrated Lyceum…

The most celebrated Lyceum
His holy anniversary,
Meanwhile robche old circle of friends
In seven shy of One,,
The less likely it is; the feast of our
In his gladness gloomier;
Meanwhile muffled ringing grace-bowls,
And our songs so sad.

So whiff of earthly storms
And we have inadvertently touched,
And we are among young feasts
Soul often overshadowed;
we grew up; rock tried
And our everyday trials,
And the spirit of death among us went
And appointed their slaughter.

Six seats are abolished,
Six friends are not behold Bole,
They scattered sleep -
Who is there, who was there on the PATH
Who is home, who in a strange land,
who illness, someone sorrow
Brought into the dark damp earth,
And above all, we wept.

And mnitsya, all for me,
Call me, my dear Delvig,
Fellow youth living,
Comrade youth bleak,
Comrade songs Young,
Peers and pure thoughts,
There, the crowd loved shadows
Forever from us leaked genius.

closely, of dear friends,
Closely our trusty wheels were,
I graduated from the song of the deceased,
We live in hope congratulate,
I hope once again
The feast come to be Lycee,
All others still hug
And new victims'm not afraid.

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Alexander Pushkin
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