smiling, decreased - Pasternak

smiling, decreased
Clarity carnival week,
It was to dump snow
fed sled, eyes, eating.

Often, a lump of snow in the afternoon,
Of newly-fallen snow thawed
A Month in the blue of a running
we have, ball, planted.

Candy lay frost
The cheek and stuck to the sky,
We were both in camel,
And they were both on skis.

Skis were red horse
Hair knocked out from below,
And were knocked out by the sun
roof snow, blue manor.
In running, we interfere with the fence,
We interfere in the running of the pole,
Drops of oil blagovest
Penetrated to the atria.
Slogans distance, and of the obstacles
In place of repose
turned poles. The brotherhood
The snow fell two shadows.
From wrapped in oblezhku
The fluff, hipsters dressed in feathers
Dusk crept fast cat,
Cat in smoky noted.
We laughed, because of
Snow amused eyes and eyebrows,
What lazuli, as a dove with mail,
The beak was carrying us health.

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