Weeping Garden - Pasternak

terrible! - Kapnet and vslushaetsya:
All he not alone in the world
Crumples branch in the window, how kruzhevtse,
Or witness.

But clearly gagging from the burdens
Edema - land nostril,
And heard: far, in August,
Midnight maturing fields.

no sound. And no spies.
In the desert, making sure,
Take the old - rolls
on the roof, of the chute and through.
I bring it to his lips and listened:
All I Do alone in the world,
Ready violently on occasion,
Or witness.
but silence. And the leaf will not move.
No sign of DIG, except creepy
Sips and splashing in slippers,
And sighs and tears in the interval.

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Alexander Pushkin
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