A white horse walks a little tired leg - Block

A white horse walks a little tired leg,
Where endless swell lain down.
I eared schema - a welcome rest,
whether overnight, green haze!

Thy scarlet ribbons me band,
Beats horse leg coil,
On the mountain serene singing voice,
All about, Your great as the sunset.

Sunset You're dead Your fiance,
With executioner scorching the earth.
But through eating your farewell beam me sign,
Your silence slumbers away.

I am with you forever, not leaving never,
And in the autumn will give.
In these depressions quiet slumber water,
Locking gates insane keys.

ABOUT, Mistress of days! Thy scarlet ribbon
You are surrounded by pale azure vault!
I know, Veda caress my girlfriend -
Antique lit up the marshes.

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Alexander Pushkin
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