nectar (Médoc in Walla)

Попутный веет ветр. – Идет корабль, —
Full length developed flags, swelled
fans still, – идет, and before Kormos
Морская пена раздается. – Многим
Fill the chest all swimmers.
Now, It is finished when a dangerous path,
Dear edge they saw again;
one should, letting away? eyes,
And it paints a dark essays
The dream for a long time familiar objects,
Bay and Cape, – пока недвижны очи
not ache. to someone else
He shakes hands and greets with homeland,
And gentlemen, thanks, sobbing.
Other, bezmolvnuyu create molitvu
Blessed virgin and saint,
And alms and distant worship
Old vows updates,
When will it all safely.
thoughtful, and it is far from all,
Medoc himself immersed in memories
On a glorious feat, the dreams of hope,
In sad foreboding and fear.
wonderful evening, and tailwind
Sounds between Verwey, and reliable ship
Бежит, şumja, between waves.
the sun sets.

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Alexander Pushkin
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